Organs in Contrast

Organs in Contrast

Variations and Voluntaries for Organ by John Blow and Johann Pachelbel from the organs of the Stiftskirche, Klosterneuburg, and the Wulpurgiskirche, Grossengottern


Christopher Kent plays works of Johann Pachelbel and John Blow on two instruments to demonstrate two of the organ styles that Pachelbel would have encountered in his lifetime.  To demonstrate an instrument Pachelbel would have encountered during his time at St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Kent plays the 1642 Festorgel by Johann Georg Freundt, as found in the Stiftskirche, Klosterneuburg, Austria. The instrument, which includes a surviving seventeenth century reed rank, was most recently updated by the Kuhn firm in 1990.  As an example the organ style Pachelbel would have encountered during his time in several Protestant towns in Thuringia, Germany, Kent plays the 1718 Trost organ at the Walpurgiskirche in Grossengottern. The instrument was restored to its original disposition in 1995-7 by Eule & Co. Its tuning is after Werckmeister.

Voluntary in C*
Cornet Voluntary (in A minor)**
Voluntary (in D minor)*

Hexachordum Apollinis:
Aria Prima + Variations*
Aria Secunda + Variations**
Aria Tertia*
Aria Quarta**
Aria Quinta**
Aria Sexta**

* indicates the organ in Klosterneuburg
** indicates the organ in Grossengottern